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A dynamic and creative urban gem, Montreal is best known for its diverse French culture, architecture and history.

This multicultural, cosmopolitan city acts as a thriving incubator for investment and small business startups, creating a prosperous entrepreneurial community.




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EO Montreal

Chapter President

Etienne Beaudry Narbonne

Étienne Beaudry serves as the President of the Montreal chapter after spending 2 years as Learning Chair. Very involved in the growth of the chapter over the past few years, he has dedicated time and energy in developing the EO mission in Montreal and abroad.


Born entrepreneur, Étienne Beaudry is co-owner of Barnes – Québec inc., the Quebec division of Barnes International Realty. He’s been passionate about real estate for several years, having worked actively on numerous transactions in Montreal and its surrounding areas. His reputation is strong and well established in the real estate market in the province. His enthusiasm and insatiable energy combined with his solid experience in many complex real estate files, make him a key ally for his diverse clientele. Thanks to his network and his expertise with real estate developers in the Greater Montreal region, Etienne is in charge of multiple implications of Barnes – Quebec with major real estate projects in the province.


“I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. From selling strawberries at the local market when I was a kid all the way to selling properties across the world, I’ve always been passionate about building projects and developing my skills as a business leader. Serving as president of EO Montreal is a significant accomplishment for me, and I take this responsibility very seriously.”


His love for adventure and multiple passions lead him to achieve numerous personal challenges, including sailing across the North Atlantic Ocean and ascending many mountains throughout the United States. Etienne is a seasoned traveler and never misses an opportunity to discover the world.


He is also actively involved as president of the board of LEVIC, a very active real estate network in Montreal. Etienne also sits on the board of Tel-Jeunes since 2015, an organization recognized to contribute to the well-being of youth and families in Quebec.

Chapter Management

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