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A dynamic and creative urban gem, Montreal is best known for its diverse French culture, architecture and history.

This multicultural, cosmopolitan city acts as a thriving incubator for investment and small business startups, creating a prosperous entrepreneurial community.




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EO Montreal

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Francois-Xavier Robert

François-Xavier Robert serves as the President of the Montreal chapter for a second consecutive year, demonstrating strong leadership and dedication. He initially joined EO Montreal in 2019, assuming the role of Member Engagement Chair. Throughout his tenure, François-Xavier has consistently shown a commitment to fostering member engagement and community growth. His journey reflects a progression within the organization, highlighting his passion for contributing to EO Montreal’s success.


“My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 16. Thanks to living next to the Montreal fashion district, my brothers and I created a promotional article company that sold t-shirts and hoodies to college student associations. While working in this company, in 2010, I completed a bachelor in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal and Universitat Politecnica de Valencia where I participated in a 1-year student exchange program. Following my year in Spain, I started a kitesurfing distribution business: I introduced 5 brands into the Spanish market while living in a van and travelling on the East Coast for half a year. I later sold the rights to the brands and went back to Montreal to complete my degree. I then worked as a Strategy Consultant for Accenture for 5 years – 3 in Montreal and 2 in Singapore. In 2015, I moved back to Montreal to join my brother in the acquisition of Quartz Nature Inc., a company that specializes in high-end outdoor made-in-Canada winter jackets. We then re-branded to Quartz Co. and brought forward a younger image, promoting jackets made for urban life in Nordic countries. Quartz Co. products are now available in more than 20 countries across a network of 240+ retailers.”

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