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A veritable west coast paradise, Vancouver Island is as famous for its temperate climate and thriving arts community as it is for its vibrant entrepreneurial scene. Named the best island in the Continental US and Canada, its rugged beaches and remote coastal communities beg to be explored.




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Tom Morin

Owner of Morinwood MFG Inc.This life we’re chosen produces stratospherically dizzy highs and inky dark lows.  By nature we entrepreneur-types readily hand out the praise for our successes while absorbing the risks and sleeplessness of holding it all together.  Yes, entrepreneurship can be lonely work at the best of times.  But this year has made most superlatives useless as we go through a one-in-a-lifetime disruption to our economy.  We’ve all been affected and many of us have had dramatic changes to our businesses.  What has amazed me though, is how our members have reacted to the chaos.

Perhaps that is what is special about entrepreneurs.  They don’t dwell on the past, or get stuck in victimhood, they look around and say ‘what’s next’, ‘how can I fix this’ and end up outmaneuvering the flat footed around us.  Being part of this group of special human constantly stretches my capacity.  I am grateful to one of your brothers.”

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