The Entrepreneurs’ Organization changes the trajectories of member businesses – and members’ lives. In #EOstories, members from across Canada share why they joined, why they’ve stayed, their greatest challenges and their biggest opportunities – and the ways in which EO has helped them find greater personal and professional success.

EO is my go-to place for learning and discovering.

25 years ago, Polly Craik had a lightbulb moment that shifted the trajectory of her business – and her life. While attending EO’s Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT, she realized she’d been thinking way too small. What she learned there opened her eyes to the fact that her local business didn’t actually have to be […]


Rethink and Renew: The Power of EO

In 2020, Nick Kindler faced a very stressful situation: after navigating a challenging relationship with his business partner for several years, he suddenly faced being bought out of a business he loved. He had to start again, pretty much from scratch – and on top of that, he had to launch that new business right […]


That made her feel like a perpetual outsider – until she became an entrepreneur

Kate Holden spent years being told she was too “extra.” Too driven. Too opinionated. Too much of a risk taker. Too flamboyant. Too much. That made her feel like a perpetual outsider – until she became an entrepreneur. Turns out, when you’re running a growing business, being “extra” is a good thing. And when Kate […]


With EO, I’m not alone anymore.

As a business owner, Robert Michaud used to feel like he was all by himself. When he tried to share the challenges he faced, his family and friends were supportive, but not being entrepreneurs themselves, didn’t really understand. Robert didn’t feel like he had the insights or the confidence he needed to make good decisions […]


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