With EO, I’m not alone anymore.

As a business owner, Robert Michaud used to feel like he was all by himself. When he tried to share the challenges he faced, his family and friends were supportive, but not being entrepreneurs themselves, didn’t really understand. Robert didn’t feel like he had the insights or the confidence he needed to make good decisions that would move his business forward.

But in 2013, all of that changed. He joined EO’s Quebec City chapter, and instantly became part of a supportive network of peers who “get it.” They know exactly what he faces and what he needs – because they’ve gone through the same things themselves every day.

How has being part of EO benefited you?

Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly lonely. What I needed in my life were people who had gone through similar things – and it’s incredible that I’ve found that in EO. We’re all coming from the same place, which makes it easy to establish trust and forge deep connections.

That kind of affinity enables sharing without evaluation or judgment – it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever experienced. It has changed the way I interact with others. Now I don’t judge, I just listen, and that has enabled me to make those deeper connections in all parts of my life. Through my peers, I’ve even gotten to know myself better. Ultimately, being a member has brought me happiness.

When I first joined, I was a bit shy, but being in EO really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Being able to use my forum like a private, personal advisory board has given me the confidence to crank up my business to a whole new level. We’ve expanded within Canada, and my ultimate goal is to go even further and be the go-to railing provider to developers in North America’s 20 biggest cities.

In addition to your forum, you’re also a member of the Canada Bridge chapter. Why? 

My local forum is great – they give me so much. But I also wanted access to something that’s closer to my reality as a business undergoing national (and ultimately, international) growth. So I decided to expand my horizons and connect with EO members who have global businesses and common dreams. Many of them have 10, 15, 20 years of experience, and so much insight into what I’m trying to do. It has inspired me tremendously, and helped me as I grow my business in an exciting new direction.

Can you share some of your most memorable moments with EO? 

For me, the learning opportunities have been incredible. EO’s learning events are always memorable, and I’ve found that even the smallest insights from those experiences can have a huge impact on me. The guest speakers are incredible – hearing the stories of super-successful entrepreneurs is life-changing.

I’ve benefited enormously from hearing from the owners of WestJet, Got Junk and Priceline, among others. Some of my biggest “ahas” come from stories of how they made their dreams come true – often just by doing simple things.

Would you recommend EO to other entrepreneurs? 

If someone asked me if they should join EO, I would say YES! Jump in and don’t be shy. You won’t be judged or evaluated. And most importantly, you won’t feel like you’re alone in all of this. You’ll be in a safe place where you can trust the people around you to help you learn, grow – and be better in all the ways that count.

Robert Michaud, Quebec City Branch, Canada Bridge Chapter 

CEO, Ramp-Art

65 employees 

In business 34 years

EO Member since 2013

Posted on 2022-05-11